Curve lettering on circle

How can I place lettering/words in a circle or ark? I only use carbide create. Making a sign with round emblem in center and want to put name on circle or ark around it.

easiest is to do this in Inkscape and then import the svg into cc

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Inkscape. Very easy and you can make many adjustments, styles can be spirals, circles, wavy lines etc.

Just remember to turn object to path and save as .svg then open in carbide create.

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Thank you, Purchased the xl in March 2019 this is all new to me and only have carbide create and hoping it could be done thru it somehow. I’ll keep trying to get thru the learning curve at 66 it’s a little slower HaHa!

it can be done … it’s just more cumbersome.
you can split the text in individual letters (trick: draw an extra circle well away from the text and then subtract the circle from the text… from then on the letters are individually selectable) and then move/rotate them at will.

inkscape has shortcuts for most of this and can be more accurate, depending on what exactly you want

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You may want to consider getting Serif’s Affinity Designer which is quite affordable, but very easy to use.

A free program which is specialized at setting text is F-Engrave:

Text on a curve is a frequent feature request — hopefully it will make it into an update sooner rather than later.


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