Cut Rocket Marble Machine

I was curious if the cut rocket marble machine files were all there and worked properly?

It appears they are all there. 14 design files. He does mention that he did not CNC the supports for the individual pieces, and fit them by hand.


Has anyone ever attempted this marvelous creation?
Its a bucket list that id like to start soon.

Did you read the original post by @ScottsdaleSteve ?
I’m sure he’d be willing to help.

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I haven’t revisited the Cutrocket files since I posted them 3 years ago. Posting contest files to Cutrocket was a requirement to score a bonus point, but to be honest, I’ve never had complete faith in files that have gone through Cutrocket. Hence I don’t know if they will work properly. While you are welcome to copy what I did, I’d suggest a slightly different approach. Take a look at for ideas. Pick out the features you like, and build a design that interests you. Start with a lifting mechanism, get it working, and then add tracks and features from there until the marbles get back to the beginning. Happy to answer questions, if I can remember!


Thank you kindly!
I will set a timer on my phone so i dont spend all night long watching the machines at work.
Again, great work

Do not leave the machine running unattended.


He might lose his marbles if he does that.

(I think @Varty5 is talking about videos of marble machines)


I meant the marble machine not the S5 haha

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