Cuts are angled

All my projects are coming out at an angle. This cut should be parallel with the board. I’ve made sure everything is square. What else might cause this?

Hi Alex,

How did you align the stock on the wasteboard?

If you jog the router in the air along X, does it seem to move at an angle like this, or parallel to the front of the machine as you would expect ?


I did not align the board with the waste board! I assumed the bit zero v1 would take care of all that and just plopped the piece down. That seemed to do the trick though. I obviously just got this guy and am learning. Thank you for your help!


Hey Alex, welcome!

You may find @Julien ’s e-book helpful, I know I still do.

Have fun with your new machine!


When you create a spoilboard you must square it to the router before securing it down. As you recognized the BitZero only finds the corner. If you have not made any squaring L brackets they help square your material and aid in clamping.

L-Bracket-Construction.pdf (770.3 KB)

spoilboard_considerations.pdf (1.3 MB)

I have included my doc on spoiboard considerations. It was written for SO3, XL and XXL but is applicable to the SO4 and SO4Pro.

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Thanks everybody! This is so helpful. I should mention that I bought this used so I didn’t do all the assembly. I’m really flying blind.

Yes but you are flying and that is half the battle. Now you just need to bring it in for a landing.:slight_smile:


Is it just me? Or is the board look askew and the cut is straight?
I’m looking at the board and cut compared to the previous cuts on the waste board.

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