Cutter not found during project

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In the middle of my flattening project on my Shapeoko Pro, my machine stops. Router and vacuum still running machine not moving at all. My Mac Computer says “cutter not found”. Not sure what the heck is going on. I did contact support and I’m waiting for a response. Anyone else had this issue before? I’ve seen some discussion at the start up phase but not during a project. Any suggestions will be much appreciated.

The usual suspect is static. The whole country has been in a cold snap and if humidity drops and the moving air from the dust collection creates a lot of static. You may have already tried but power off the Shapeoko and the standard reboot of the computer. If that does not work then get with support.

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This is what I did to help solve my static issue.

Grounding your Shapeoko - CNC Machines / Shapeoko - Carbide 3D Community Site

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Hey man. Thanks for the info. I did notice static build up around the router and sweepy. Still tryna figure out how to get the machine and computer to connect. It still says “cutter not connected”. If I could get this figured out by the weekend, that’d be great.

You know, I think you’re right. I was sent a replacement controller and the same thing happened. It shut down my machine and “Cutter not found” popped up again. I did take notice of static around the vacuum hose. I’m pretty sure I fried the motherboard again. I’m sending the old controller in for inspection. I live in Idaho and the temperature has dropped 20 degrees within a week. I’m not a static genius, but could that be the reason?

My sister lives in Meridian outside Boise. I have visited several times. One trip we went snowmobilling in the Sawtooth Mountains. The next morning to was so cold the 4 weel drive would not engage till we drove a while to thaw it out. Driving on the snow covered roads is no fun in rear wheel mode.

Cool. Yeah, the cold weather is rolling in quick. My work truck is frosted over in the mornings.

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