"Cutter not Found" - SO4 and Raspberry Pi

Hello friends.

I have a SO4 XL that I am trying to run off a Raspberry Pi 4. I have done this successfully with a RasPi 3, but upgraded because it couldn’t handle modestly sized jobs.

I have checked the RasPi configurations and the Serial Ports are enabled.

The Pi uses a touchscreen, which is also connected by USB and that works fine.

Next step was that maybe it was the cable to the SO4, but everything works fine when I runoff my MacBook with the same cable.

So… any ideas?


~ Mike

Apparently there was a recent update which causes this.

Lengthy discussion at:

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First off, thanks for sharing that! I’ve been googling for days, but didn’t see it.

Secondly, you are an absolute rock star for replying to me at 8:30 AM on a Sunday morning. Carbide is lucky to have you! And so are we all as users!!! Thanks and happy Fourth!


Yes, Will’s dedication / devotion and encyclopedic recall are amazing.

I was thinking early this morning instead of “Let me google that for you” we have “Let me Will that for you”.

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