Cutting Depth issues

can someone please walk me through my issue… I recently switched laptops and now when i run a project it either buries the bit or hover over my work piece without touching it. on my job setup my Stock is 3/4" thick, when I select Top of Stock it Hovers, when I select Bottom of stock it buries the bit… im starting the depth at .001 and max at 0.100…
I know its user error somewhere please advise thanks

What software are you using?

the latest version of Carbide Create. BTW its been about 5 months since i have used my machine sooo…

Please review:

When you select Top/Bottom of stock you need to set zero to match relative to the stock.

How are you setting zero relative to the stock?

I have the bitsetter and bitzero 2 after initialization it runs to the bitsetter then i jog it to the left corner of my stock then clear all offsets and run the bitzero then i run my job. by the way thanks for responding

Please see:

thank you so much that is some good info im about to go try it out. when I select my stock thickness should I select top or bottom?

We suggest using Top unless you have a reason to use Bottom and set zero relative to the wasteboard to match.

so I just tried the Rapid position 6mm and my machine went up 9mm. Im not to good with the code sooo yeah…

If you using BitZero there is a lip around 2sides. For x y and z you put the lip over the edge. For z only you put the lip on top of material. The lip is about 3mm. That would explain why you are 3mm high. In the software the lip is compensated for with the two types of measurements.

If the machine is moving more along the Z-axis than expected, please check to see if you have the wrong Z-axis configuration — what you describe happens when you have a Z-Plus, but have sent the configuration for an HDZ.

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU Will Adams for the help you the man… The config was the problem… it was exactly what you said, the config. thanks again :+1:

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