Cutting holes in sheet metal

Has anyone cut holes in sheet metal? If so what bits, feeds, speeds, etc.

If possible I would like to cut some holes in electrical panel doors and back plates. The panels are .059" carbon steel. Most of the holes would be 22mm in diameter with random 2" holes. The back plates would have a bunch of small holes (“0.159” diameter) for mounting equipment. This would make my life a lot easier if possible.

If not I may just use the router to engrave some indents in the sheet metal so I can drill them out later.

Hi @MotoGP1199,

Yes it should be doable, you’ll need to go easy on the cutting parameters and probably to use lubrication.
Check out the MaterialMonday videos series, there’s one about machining tool steel on a Nomad, and another one about machining stainless steel on a Shapeoko, to get you started:

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