Cutting Keyhole slots using Quick Actions

I have been making a lot of items lately that will be hung up, so I wanted an easier way to cut keyhole slots.

I created a ‘Quick Action’ to do all the work for me. I just load the bit, set Z Zero to top of stock, and the keyhole is cut centered on the current X-Y - no need to zero X-Y. I found that comments work, so I included them in the code.

I’m using a keyhole bit like this:

I found that cutting 7mm deep seems to work well.

The Action cuts a 50mm horizontal slot, centered on the current X-Y. When finished, it returns to the starting X-Y, and retracts on Z.

Quick Action:
Name: 50mm Keyhole Slot
Description: Cut a 50mm horizontal keyhole centered on the current location.

G21	(Metric)
G90	(Absolute)
G0 Z10	(Move to 10mm above surface)
G91 	(Incremental)
G0 X-25 (Move left to start of keyhole) 
G0 Z-9	(Move to 1mm Above Surface)
M03 S18000 	(Turn on spindle)
G1 F200 Z-1	(Drop to Z0)
G1 Z-3		(Drop Z-3 mm)
G0 Z4		(Retract to Z+1)
G1 Z-7		(Drop to Z-6)
G0 Z7		(Retract to Z+1))
G1 Z-8		(Drop to Z-7)
G0 Z8		(Retract to Z+1)
G1 Z-7.9		(Drop to bottom of entry hole)
G1 F300 X50	(Travel 50 MM right)
F600 X-50	(Back to Entry)
G0 Z7.9		(Back to Z1)
M05		(Spindle off)
G53 G0 Z-10	(Retract)
X25		(Return to start)

Nice to see someone writing code by hand :slight_smile: Appreciate the share.

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