GCode Samples for Carbide Motion

Hornby Island 3D. Gnerated from STL by the fenrus STL2NC website.
Tool - #201
roughing-Hornby.STL.nc (52.7 KB)

Tool - 1/8" TBN
finishing-Hornby.STL.nc (2.4 MB)


‘Darwyn’ logo V Carve.

CC V5 / shapeoko3
DarwynLogo2.nc (1.1 MB)


Welsh Terrier Welcome sign - Pocketing & contours

CC V6 / Shapeoko3

Tool - #201
Pocket - .25 Softwood.nc (580.9 KB)

Tool - 2mm endmill
Contour - 2mm Softwood.nc (108.0 KB)


Here is a hand-coded circle-diamond-square file from a while back:

Circle-diamond-square-50-45-40mm.nc (13.5 KB)

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Here are a couple of .nc files for the Studley locking register calipers — they were made by a mix of F-Engrave and MakerCAM:

studley_caliper.zip (15.3 KB)

CC6 Quick action - Make a keyhole slot:

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Here is a Vectric file, which was done w/ a post-processor I hacked up:

defensorfortis_brassoutline_1in.nc (235.8 KB)

Making Gears:
CC6 / Shapeoko 3

Files are in pairs, one VCarve & one contour cut per set:

60R+4x20-60Deg.nc (49.6 KB)
60R+4x20-2.5mm.nc (675.5 KB)

30+5x15+2x20 - 60Deg.nc (38.0 KB)
30+5x15+2x20 - 2.5mm.nc (813.7 KB)

I have more like this, but they’re really all variations on a theme.

Here is a recent Carbide Create file using the Carbide 3D Shapeoko post-processor which cuts out a lid using 3D toolpaths and pockets:

lid.nc (316.9 KB)

Here are the files for my recent bamboo box done using CC640 and Carbide 3D Shapeoko:

bambooboxpaths.zip (72.8 KB)

Files from FEngrave, generic GCode:
#1Welsh.nc (61.5 KB)
AmChamp.nc (118.3 KB)

Files are a combination of FEngrave output plus some ‘stitching’ to combine then together - FEngrave only does one depth, so multiple outputs are needed to do multiple passes.

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CC 6 / Shapeoko3

Super simple perimeter cuts to make shelve out of pine:
ShelfOvalPerimeter#251Softwood.nc (116.5 KB)
Glassware shelf.c2d (118.1 KB)

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More Stl2NC generated files:
roughing-PEI-Union002.stl.nc (5.0 KB)
finishing-PEI-Union002.stl.nc (1.6 MB)

roughing-CDEM_-122.32_49.29_tile_1_1.STL.nc (111.4 KB)
Finishing version too big to upload - Dropbox - finishing-CDEM_-122.32_49.29_tile_1_1.STL.nc - Simplify your life

roughing-NC_Result.stl.nc (29.4 KB)
Finishing: Dropbox - finishing-NC_Result.stl.nc - Simplify your life


Roughing (1/2" endmill) & finishing (1/2" ballmill) for a part I’m working on in NX.
Posted with a Shapeoko_HDM post that I created.
MCS / Z zero on the bottom.

adapter_top.NC (67.7 KB)


McEtcher project using CC 648, Shapeoko Post, CM 551

veroniques_pendent.nc (60.7 KB)

Same project but truncated .nc file when I tried to use the “Send to Carbide Motion” button.

veroniques_pendent_truncated_File.nc (985 Bytes)

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Any hints?
Toolpath Visualization?

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Another McEtcher project and a 3D carve. Both using CC and CM.

nemesis_emblem.nc (311.2 KB)

3D_horse_bowl.nc.zip (1.8 MB)


Dmap2Gcode Roughing, Finishing Settings and included the header and postscript.
Haven’t actually run this yet.

Tiger.zip (1.4 MB)

I hope this helps.

Oops Finish settings below.

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Rotary Axis Job XAZ , Vectric VCarve Pro + Neil Ferrie’s Post-Processor. Barley Twist finishing cut.
One More 284x72 Single Beech Rev-1 8thBN.gcode.zip (278.9 KB)
One More 284x72 Single Beech Rev-1 4thBN.gcode.zip (137.3 KB)
One More 284x72 Single Beech Rev-1 4thEM.gcode.zip (484.1 KB)

Visualisation would be a big plus for me.
Rotary axis display (and ideally controls - set zero, move + move - goto axis 0) another big plus (using Vectrics I opt for XAZ, but it can also do AYZ where A is the rotary axis, but all 5 axes remain fully functional on the machine XYYZA in my case, SO3XL/HDM).
An ‘expert’ option for a single (or very few) screen(s) that shows/controls everything rather than being baby-sat through every step every time.
Always (or almost always) active and accessible keyboard shortcuts to better support jog dial users.
Noting/displaying the gcode line last processed in the event of the system becoming unresponsive, or the user cancelling the JOB - would give a major boost to tracking down the line and from that finding a suitable prior resumption line.
Any improvement on estimated run time would be welcomed


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