GCode Samples for Carbide Motion

We’re working on some big changes to Carbide Motion and we’d like to collect a bunch of gcode files for testing from as wide a source as possible.

If you can share a file, please post some gcode here and let us know:

  • What CAM program generated it.
  • What post processor was used within that CAM program.

We’d like as many different toolpath types as possible so be creative if you can. If the file is huge then a Dropbox/Onedrive link works great as well.

NOTE: I’ll probably download the files and remove the posts as I do so we can keep track of everything on our end.


Here is a piece of the gcode from my salt and pepper shakers from a contest a while back. It is from Fusion 360 using the Carbide 3D post version 43618 from the HSM posts library online. It uses the 3D Adaptive, 3D Contour, 2D Contour, Face, Horizontal and Bore tool paths.
Bottom Inside.nc (1.5 MB)


Do you want C2D files for those generated by CC?


Nope, just the gcode.

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Hornby Island 3D. Gnerated from STL by the fenrus STL2NC website.
Tool - #201
roughing-Hornby.STL.nc (52.7 KB)

Tool - 1/8" TBN
finishing-Hornby.STL.nc (2.4 MB)


‘Darwyn’ logo V Carve.

CC V5 / shapeoko3
DarwynLogo2.nc (1.1 MB)


Welsh Terrier Welcome sign - Pocketing & contours

CC V6 / Shapeoko3

Tool - #201
Pocket - .25 Softwood.nc (580.9 KB)

Tool - 2mm endmill
Contour - 2mm Softwood.nc (108.0 KB)


Here is a hand-coded circle-diamond-square file from a while back:

Circle-diamond-square-50-45-40mm.nc (13.5 KB)

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Here are a couple of .nc files for the Studley locking register calipers — they were made by a mix of F-Engrave and MakerCAM:

studley_caliper.zip (15.3 KB)

CC6 Quick action - Make a keyhole slot:

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Here is a Vectric file, which was done w/ a post-processor I hacked up:

defensorfortis_brassoutline_1in.nc (235.8 KB)

Making Gears:
CC6 / Shapeoko 3

Files are in pairs, one VCarve & one contour cut per set:

60R+4x20-60Deg.nc (49.6 KB)
60R+4x20-2.5mm.nc (675.5 KB)

30+5x15+2x20 - 60Deg.nc (38.0 KB)
30+5x15+2x20 - 2.5mm.nc (813.7 KB)

I have more like this, but they’re really all variations on a theme.

Here is a recent Carbide Create file using the Carbide 3D Shapeoko post-processor which cuts out a lid using 3D toolpaths and pockets:

lid.nc (316.9 KB)

Here are the files for my recent bamboo box done using CC640 and Carbide 3D Shapeoko:

bambooboxpaths.zip (72.8 KB)

Files from FEngrave, generic GCode:
#1Welsh.nc (61.5 KB)
AmChamp.nc (118.3 KB)

Files are a combination of FEngrave output plus some ‘stitching’ to combine then together - FEngrave only does one depth, so multiple outputs are needed to do multiple passes.

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CC 6 / Shapeoko3

Super simple perimeter cuts to make shelve out of pine:
ShelfOvalPerimeter#251Softwood.nc (116.5 KB)
Glassware shelf.c2d (118.1 KB)

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More Stl2NC generated files:
roughing-PEI-Union002.stl.nc (5.0 KB)
finishing-PEI-Union002.stl.nc (1.6 MB)

roughing-CDEM_-122.32_49.29_tile_1_1.STL.nc (111.4 KB)
Finishing version too big to upload - Dropbox - finishing-CDEM_-122.32_49.29_tile_1_1.STL.nc - Simplify your life

roughing-NC_Result.stl.nc (29.4 KB)
Finishing: Dropbox - finishing-NC_Result.stl.nc - Simplify your life


Roughing (1/2" endmill) & finishing (1/2" ballmill) for a part I’m working on in NX.
Posted with a Shapeoko_HDM post that I created.
MCS / Z zero on the bottom.

adapter_top.NC (67.7 KB)


McEtcher project using CC 648, Shapeoko Post, CM 551

veroniques_pendent.nc (60.7 KB)

Same project but truncated .nc file when I tried to use the “Send to Carbide Motion” button.

veroniques_pendent_truncated_File.nc (985 Bytes)

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Any hints?
Toolpath Visualization?

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