Cutting wood prototype part


I have some parts I’ve drawn in Fusion 360 and wanted to know if this forum was the right place to ask if someone with a Nomad would cut them, for a fee course.

They are scales (handles) for a straight razor. Stock size for one part is about 6"x1"x1/8". I could mail you stock and pay via paypal.

The two longer parts in the image are the scales and the thing in the middle is a wedge spacer

I was not sure how start this and wanted to see if I could work with someone to prototype these parts.

A finished part might look like this. This one was hand made.

An assembly would look like this.

Where the white bone is the part being cut and the darker area to the left is the wedge spacer.

If this is not the right place for this post let me know.


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Hi Mike,
This is a good place to post your request.
What material are you wanting cut?

Heres a Hardwood Knife scales project for reference:

BTW : is a blade stamped Pakistan good?


Thanks for confirming I can post cutting requests here.

I watched your youtube video on the handles earlier. They turned out nice. I like the idea of using wax for fixturing parts.

Blades stamped with Pakistan are hit or miss. Blades stamped with Germany, Solingen, USA, Sheffield England are all generally considered quality steel blades. I have had some that shave just fine and others that would not take a shaving edge. If you are looking for a good razor, generally vintage blade will shave well or they would not still be around. New blades, staying with name brands may get you a great razor but cost more than the off brands.

This is my hobby site I have mix of new razors and vintage razors.

I wanted to get some razor parts cut to try and speed up the restoration process. I’m currently making scales (handles) by hand.

I’m hoping if I can get a few parts cut and tested I can justify the investment into a Nomad.


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Thanks for the info on blades Mike.
What material are looking to get a test cut in?
Hardwood? Acetate?


Right, just realize I did not answer your material question. Sorry.

Initially I’de be interested in cutting cow bone, yellow heart wood, Maple, cherry, rosewood or wenge. I Have to see what I have in stock here. I think I have cherry and maple on hand.

And some plain black acrylic. I can do the finish work here. I’m looking for samples cuts with a ball end to get a sense of cutting time and finish it will produce.


I went ahead and moved this to site so see if I can find anyone interested in cutting parts.

Thanks for your interest.

  • Mike