Death in the Family (#201)

Dearly beloved,

We are gathered here today to celebrate the life of #201. He was in so many ways a deer fried, loved by his wife Dewalt 611, and father to #202 and #203Z though he is gone it is important to remember his contribution to this world.

He has given Birth to a Cow, flames, plaques puzzle box’s, i remember once when he and i tried our hand at deep earth drilling, as i write this i remember the look on our faces when the z gantry crumpled under the pressure and v wheels disintegrated, and the spoil board snapped in half, oh such fond memories.

Though he was a hard worker and faithful, he had a mischievous side, like the time i left him alone for 5 mins and came back to him trying to set fire to the workshop, or throwing things of the table at me, he was such a scamp.

Towards the end of his life the chattering was just getting so bad that i could hardly understand what he was saying or what he was cutting.I did think it was strange that he was making a casket but perhaps, he already new the end was near, and didn’t want anyone else having the pain and worries of buying or creating him one.

I have been asked by his wife to share pictures of the service and i would love everyone out there who knew #201 to leave their favorite memory in the book of condolence below.

i have written a shall poem that i shall read now before we go and enjoy some food and drinks.


You are gone but not forgotten
you shone like silver
though you had a black bottom

Up and down and side to side
you cut everything with such pride
day and night time and tide
it time for your final ride

So grab your Collet raise the wrench
sit now on this heavenly bench
watch with love on what your children do
who know one day they might be as good as you

#walking out to the sound of Johnny Cash - Rose Of My Heart Johnny Cash - Rose Of My Heart

(lol wife came in and well this is going to take some explaining she is in stitches laughing !!!)
cool little casket though and now sits in my office with pride of place!


I was gonna say, somebody has too much time on their hands today… :face_with_raised_eyebrow:



That’s the kind of crazy I like, made my day, thanks !


it would probably have been inappropriate to have asked to play “taps” for this poor mill. rust in peace lil buddy


As in venison, or more like road kill? :scream:


RIP little guy, gone but not forgotten


You may be crying but I’m not sure you really loved him, he was just a number to you and he was not even cold before you already replaced him and soon forgotten.


Lol going to keep that in

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May your 201 and my 278Z meet together in the endmill afterlife.

No casket for mine. Hopefully it’ll be turned back into a new endmill in the recycling center.


do you mind me asking how you broke a 1/4" endmill ? always good to know what not to do :slight_smile:

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If it was not the case that I have just had a few orders I would make you a magicians saw in half trick box so you could have a piece in either side lol


Yes, I was running a job and universal g-code sender stopped sending (first time that happened), with no error. I fixed the model in Fusion to start halfway and finish it up and hit start in UGS…except I forgot to raise the z height. So it rapided over to the start position, even though there was material in the way. The endmill almost got entirely through though before it snapped.


Have you no feeling or compassion. The heat from his passing is barely cooled and you are talking post mortem. Think of his wife and kids, have you no shame.

But it brings to mind a saying,

When you put your hand in a bucket of water and then remove it the hole your hand made is soon filled in. So will the hole left in your bit rack soon be filled by #201’s replacement. Amen.


Best post ever! This made my day!


Was #201 a veteran? Sounded like a command error was the cause of the little diggers demise. My sympathy to the family. Hope their Memorial Day was an upcutting one.


I hope my funeral isn’t this screwy.

This is by far the best post I’ve seen; thanks for the LOL.


LOL, that’s so funny… Thanks for the laugh.

Just goes to show we all need help . . .


I hate goodbyes… *LOL

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I think this is one of the funniest posts I have ever seen. Very creative.


Absolutely genius. Certainly brightened my day up.

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