Decorative edge bits

Just getting started with my new PRO XXL - I’m wondering if there are settings/functions to add decorative edge bits after a contour carve? E.g. If want to cut out a small table top and add an Ogee or Round over finish to the edge.

I recognize I can do this with a hand router (I don’t have a router table) but wanted to know if the Shapeoko can accomplish this task?

Unfortunately, Carbide Create doesn’t support such endmill geometry — you can use such tooling (if it doesn’t have a bearing, and if it can plunge/center cut), see:

You can use the bits, as a final cut, but you have to “trick” Carbide Create. I would measure the bearing to determine the diameter of the cutter, and lie to Carbide Create as to the bit you are using. Needless to say, it will be up to you to verify that the bearing will be clear of any obstructions.

Please do not use tooling w/ bearings in our machines — it can’t be done safely.

You are expected be smarter then your equipment, It can be done safely.


It can’t be done safely if anything goes wrong. Please don’t.

Okay, differing opinions will push me away from trying. I have another machine which allows this (non bearing bits) but will use the old method (hand router).

You can take the bearing off. At least all of my bearing bits I can.

If, for some reason the bearing bit moves too far into the material (the thing that the bearing is there to prevent on a freehand router), the force on these machine is enough to bend the shaft. And trust me, a tool with a bent shaft even spinning at a slow 8000 rpm is NOT fun!!! And Carbide 3D doesn’t make replacement underwear :wink:

I get what you mean by this, the simulation won’t look right. But CC can easily create the correct path for these bits. You just need to input the correct diameter & depth to achieve the correct toolpath.

So, a 1/4" corner round with a 1/4" shaft & 1/2" bearing with the bearing removed.


I like to set up my corner rounds with just a tiny bit of clearance on side & top to avoid the corners of the bit leaving a line on my stock. This is exagerrated, I use 0.002 - 0.004"

So I’ll set up my tool as 0.504" dia


And my cut depth to 0.478"

And then I’ll do some magic with 3D shapes to show the customer what it will look like



Thanks for that. I’ll still likely hold off for now and see how it goes. I’m just starting to get the basic functioning of CC and will likely revisit this at a later date.

Not only will you die, it will hurt the entire time you are dying.


@Luke must be working on it, though, right? I’ve been holding his beer for a while now.
I hope it’s HD.


and an outrageous shade of blue :slight_smile:


One of these is the right tool for the job:

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