Design into 3D: Games: Chinese Checkers

Began working this up:

Next up is determining additional features (Suggestions? Planning on borders and compartments for marbles/pins), implementing pins vs. marbles, saving the JSON, importing that, and working up the METAPOST code.


Border works:

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And one can now specify drawing in the game pieces:

And we have compartments:

The OpenSCAD file takes quite a while to render.

I was able to use a command to project from the OpenSCAD file to get a DXF or SVG — the latter imports as polylines, while the former comes in at the origin.

chinesecheckers.dxf (601.9 KB)

and the .dxf imports fine, and a bit of 3D modeling results in:

chinesecheckers_dxf.c2d (1.6 MB)

Posted to Thingiverse:

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Hey Will: This would look neat with a bit larger board and have the rim be a design of 2 to 4 Dragons running around the star! :slight_smile:

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