Detect / Warn / Fix self-intersecting curves

I’ve seen several topics where the problem boils down to “that font has self-intersecting curves”.

If CC could detect and warn about such curves, that would be very useful.

Even more useful would be fixing them. I found that the Boolean Weld function seems to do the right thing for removing the self intersections. Right now you can’t run it unless at least two vectors are selected, but there’s no reason that a self-intersection fixer couldn’t do it one vector at a time.

That would be a great feature, but the math on this is hard — I mean, if someone knows someone who wants to work on this for their PhD level hard — it’s also arguably something which the folks who make fonts should be addressing — most font editors have tools for testing this sort of thing, and I doubt one will see such errors in a font from a reputable vendor (and yes, this is a “True Scotsman” sort of argument, but one can’t be a reputable font vendor and put out fonts with such errors).

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Actually, CC right now has a built-in self-intersecting curve detector. It’s not very efficient, but:

  • for any single curve, if Boolean Weld gives a result different than the original curve, then it was self intersecting.

Yes, but it does that by converting into a polyline — leaving things as a curve is mathematically and programmatically far more complex.

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