Dewalt brush wear

my router is less than 6 months old and my brushes were worn more than expected.

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Brushes should last 5000-7000 hours of light duty, but this is greatly reduced in a dirty and gritty environment. I use a sock over the top of my router to act as a filter to help remove some of the dirt from entering into the machine.


I turned the commutator and will try the sock this time and see how long it lasts.

Rather then turning, I prefer to use a commutator stone for cleaning. Have you any experience with one?


No, never heard of that. I just had the stuff to do it from my RC and slot car days.

Do you do it by hand?

By hand, usually while it’s running. Looks like a sharpening stone. Different grits, sizes etc. They work awesome.

Remember if you are cutting MDF, it’s essentially sawdust (and paper fibers) and glue. This glue gets very sticky when cut, so a pre filter (old sock, or two) works awesome (at prolonging the lifeof the router.

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Nice, I’ll look into get a set for next time. Thanks

That’s a lot longer than I’ve heard of them lasting. I’ve heard more like 100 hours or so on the Dewalt set at speed 1 is about what to expect.

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Not me. I have at least 1000+ hours on the Dewalt, and they look great, and approaching 1000 hours on the Makita.

  1. FiIlter
  2. Filter
  3. Filter

(Even a dirty sock helps)