Dewalt Stealthsonic Shop Vac

Ha. Good repurposing.

Oneida has a crush proof bucket supposedly. I have been browsing the web for solution and the range from metal drums, pool supply buckets (supposed to be stronger and a screw on lid) and relief valves. There is a nice looking relief valve from Dust Commander but the only source of that I have found in the US is almost as expensive as the Oneida bucket.

Lots of solutions for home made valves out there as well such as this one:


Seems like a restrictive hose / nozzle would be the reason for a crushed bucket. I’m using the same Home Depot bucket I picked up with my separator. The only time I see the sides pull in a bit are when I restrict the flow at the nozzle.


I think @CrookedWoodTex is onto something, if the airflow is more restricted between the Sweepy to the cyclone then on the vacuum side of the cyclone your probably more likely to see this happen. I’d probably start by exploring the connection at the top of that vertical stack where the flexible hose is connected to hard plastic pipe and drops down to your sweepy. Im imagining it punching there a bit while the vacuum is on so maybe manually support the hose there so the flex hose bends over a bigger radius and see if that avoids the imploded bucket. Alternatively maybe try removing all hoses and adapters on the cnc side of the cyclone and add 1 piece at a time observing when the bucket tends to start imploding on itself. You fix this and your vacuum will also work less hard and probably run alot cooler and maybe even quieter.

Edit: my reply is just something worth exploring but it doesn’t rule out that the plastic used for that specific bucket is simply too soft/plyable providing less support then a different one (ie. thicker wall…)

After determining there’s nothing else overly restricting airflow that could be fixed in your hose/adapter setup I’d maybe try something like the following if I wasn’t attached to that bucket and willing to test something in the name of science.

Basically use the CNC to cutout a plywood ring that fits tight to the bucket (or more if you deem it necessary), silicone the top/bottom edge from the outside and for good measure a few screws with washers through the bucket from the inside into the plywood ring.

Understood. I want to put a hard elbow in at the top but naturally none of the ones I had laying around quite fit so I will have to see if Lowe’s has anything appropriate.

This bucket is not as sturdy as the Lowe’s ones I think, but it is translucent enough for me to see the chip level in it. The Oneida bucket is clear as well but if I can find a way to make this work it would be cheaper.

The clear hose I have is the normal 2.5” dust collection hose. I had to crank the
Clamps down pretty good on that stack and on the separator itself. The cheaper HF separator may be part of the problem as its attach points are tapered to allow for anything from 1.25 up to 2.5” hoses. So it may be restricting enough to be the problem. I will try it in stages as you say and see where it happens.

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If you have a longer piece of the that 2.5" hose laying around I’d probably go the route of using a longer 8’ - 2"x4" stud and mount it to the back corner of your table with a half circle to support the flex hose at the top and run the 2.5" flex hose all the way back to the cyclone as it appears without adapters the inlet and outlet are 2.5" O.D.

edit: I’ve seen some also add an articulating arm off the corner post with hinges to support the hose as well.

When I first noticed my plastic bucket deforming I was using a hand sander connected to dust collection via the Rockler FlexiPort hose and adapter. Basically adapting a 2 1/2" hose to 1 1/2".

I really liked my setup with the main vac. Maybe I can disconnect from that trunk and rotate the PVC so that it connects to a line coming up from the separator. I just wasn’t sure if the vac would have enough power to handle the verticals.

I could lower the PVC arm some but unless it is hinged somehow I need enough room on the hose to reach everywhere and not so much that it catches.

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I found some more stuff laying around and changed it. 2.5 inch all the way from the router to the vac now with the exception of the inlet on the cyclone separator. I softened all areas it may have been pinching before as well. The bucket still collapsed.

Switched to a different bucket and so far so good but it isn’t translucent unfortunately.

When the Deep Sweepy is on the router itself and cutting action are definitely the loudest things going.

When the regular Sweepy is on there is an extra loud suction sound coming from it which more or less drowns out the router but not the cutting.

New setup but with old bucket:

Yes the vertical stack is still temporary. I will make it nicer looking. I may add an outer pipe and find a way to rig it such that the inner pipe can adjust angle front to back. Even as it is though the router can travel everywhere with no issues but the hose is tight in a few spots. This is a different hose, the other would have been too long and I didn’t want to cut it down until I was sure I liked this setup.


Must be the material the bucket is made of. Anyway, you don’t need transparency. You need a schedule … to dump the bucket. :smiley: I’ve gotten where I can tell when the bucket is half full by the sound. Something just sounds different.

Ha, I usually don’t think to dump my main dust collector until chips come shooting back out of the planer.

Maybe I can learn the tone of the full bucket when I thump it.

Tell you what, go to the grocery store, stand in front of the watermelons and ask one of the ladies that shows up to thump your head. That would be a good start.

That would not be a full sound.

I bought the Dewalt last week. Definitely a different tone. Let’s see if the keeps my eyes from crossing !

I learned this 4" hose changes shape when the vacuum is on, so I had to adjust while running.
I went to the farthest point to set the hanger locations.

The weight of the hose and leverage of the assembly, was an issue so I made a little oak clamp.
No issues so far.

The weight does cause the Z-axis stepper to drop when not energized sometimes.

I routed the exhaust hose under the table to reduce noise.


I ordered one and it is the noisiest vac I have ever owned. 85+ decibels. You think I got a bad one,???

Definitely doesn’t sound like the one I have. Mine is super quiet.

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Mine is really quiet. What’s the model number on yours?

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Does it say stealth sonic on the top? Wrong model maybe?

Is the noise from the hose without a tool attached?

That’s what my box says. Same model.

With or without the hose. Sounds like the whine of a jet engine