Diamond-coated cutters: yay or nay?

I just realized I have no 30° V-bit in my arsenal :man_facepalming:
I don’t feel like playing the game of “let’s figure out which of these bits from Ali /ebay will turn out to do a decent job”, and I don’t feel like waiting, so I turned to my favorite local supplier, he has a variety of 30° single flute V-bits and I have my finger on the “order” button for those diamond coated single-flute Vees:

Since I intend to do more metal V-carving in the future, I figured it would be good to have some of these anyway.

Any feedback good or bad on diamond-coated bits? A quick search on the forum left me with the feeling that “yes they are top notch but probably not worth the price in most situations”, but these are…15$ a piece, and I trust this particular supplier, so I don’t know what to think.


Wow, I forgot that I had a diamond coated ($125) cutter…THANKS, this reminded me…I have the perfect job to test it on…((give me a couple of weeks))…I’ll be back…now where did I hear that before…


Running some diamond coated SF from 2L. Haven’t put a crazy amount of hours on them yet but they are super sharp and leave some impressive finishes. Also relatively cheap at $25 ish a pop.



I received the bits, they came with a printed note from the seller where he highlighted the fact that the diamond-coated endmills are non-conductive, and therefore not to be used with conduction-based touchprobes…

The fact that he manually highlighted that in pink is a good sign of how many times he must have had phone calls about people who broke their expensive diamond coated endmills.

Obviously, I would never have made that mistake. Obviously…
but then again it’s a good thing I read that printed note


Is this the supplier? I’m also in Europe and want to find a good endmill supplier.


Yep, this is him. Very nice guy, and all endmills I got there were top notch (I tend to pick the high-end ones though)


Interesting. The PCD bits I use are conductive. I wonder why one is and one is not.

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Got back to the shop, and my cutter is NOT conductive…knowing his saved me from a probe crash… THANK YOU!!

My Cutter:
The Niagara Cutter DIA430 DiamondPlus carbide end mill has 30-degree helix angle and square end profile. DiamondPlus products are coated with 100% real diamond crystals, making it extremely hard, approaching 10,000 Vickers. DiamondPlus is created with a proprietary chemical vapor deposition (CVD) process. The DiamondPlus matrix of micro and nano crystalline diamond provides a smooth, hard surface that is resistant to chipping and cracking.


Is this…a $90 endmill ? :sweat:


It’s a $187 (less 5 cent) End Mill + Tax

FYI I won it in a raffle (5 Assorted Cutter Sample Set)


Oh my.
Can’t wait to see what you do with this!

Well it’s a fun little learning project…some 5-Sided machining…

Turning the square blank into something kind of cute.



One word: WOW!

SO quiet, SO sharp, SO slippery (Nothing sticks…not even snot) Would I spend $187.00 No, never…but I LOVE this cutter (listed above for all you late comers).

0.080" DOC X 3/8" Wide (up to) at 25 ipm


Was this done on a shapeoko?

Yes (I only own one cnc)…and IS being done…meaning I am still making them…(blocks) then heads, cranks, cams, etc…)


How did you add a 4th axes?

Yes, I have mastered Multi-Sided Machining (MS) and now I need to automate my (MS) machining, so I added a 4th axis.

How? what did you do to add a 4th axes?

Since this is asked SO many times, I am working on a video explaining setup and how I re-engineered a $400 drive into a $3000 drive (4th). I’ll post in on my IG when it’s ready. (about a month(

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