Difference between routers?

What are the differences between the router options, is one better/cheaper or is it just user preference?

The Dewalt was the initial standard choice, most likely because:

  • it has fine-grained speed control
  • has multiple precision collet options (standard replacement collets from Elaire and the nifty ER-style collets from the Precise Bits folks)

The Makita is a common choice because:

  • it has a lower bottom-end speed, which is well-suited to wood and plastics
  • is often more affordable

There’s also a nifty re-badged version which is black (MLCS Rocky 30) — on the downside, no ER-style collet from Precise Bits — it also requires an adapter for the mount

The community has gathered some additional information at: EDIT, correct link: http://www.shapeoko.com/wiki/index.php/Spindle_Overview#Rotary_Spindle_Options

Hands On Experience:

The Dewalt has lights, Makita does not.

The Makita has a more Robust Tool changing mechanism, with a cylinder push lock belwo the shaft, which will allow more mounting options in the Z plane

The Dewalt has a plastic button on the Body, which limits Z plane positioning inside the Clamp.

Ill add a picture to explain.

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Winston just put a video up on YouTube on this…