Does anyone have a machine library for fusion 360? I have the shapeoko pro 5 and am having trouble getting it set up in fusion

What the title says. If anyone has a shapeoko pro 5 machine profile that they can export to a fusion 360 library and is willing to share it that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.


is the Carbide 3D post processor found here accurate for the Shapeoko Pro 5? Thank you.

I have a Pro4 XXL, use Fusion360, and have no problem outputting Gcode using the Carbide 3D grbl post.
I have not bothered to create a “machine library” for it. What’s the purpose of a machine library?

It should be, I’m using an earlier version of it.

I thought it would be necessary to get gcode working correctly, I suppose I am incorrect. Are you able to use the bit zeroer button without problem? Thanks.

Yep. Bitsetter and Bitzero both work. When Carbide motion sees a tool change called out, it will move the spindle to the front of the machine for you to change, and then go over to the bitsetter to adjust for tool length.

There is potentially value for more complex setups where actual machine positions, multiple WCSs, jigs, vises, guides, etc. are modeled and used as references.That said, I think the value would be more for industrial level machines.
It is cool to see the simulations though.

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