Does anyone know how to fix this

Hello all
Can anyone tell why and how to fix this problem?
I was doing an advanced v carve with a 1/8-inch end mill for the ruffing and a Amana RC-1148 Insert V-Groove 60 Deg for the finish. I was having good results for a long time as seen in the pitcher on top.
The other day I went to cut some more stars with the same bits, same software, and same settings, and now the stars are coming out like shit, if you notice they have totally different bottoms on them (i.e) wider. and they also have what looks like an extra cut running down the inside fingers. Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this?

If a file which was cutting well ceases to, and wasn’t changed, then the cause is electro-mechanical. Things to check:

Was the roughing bit and the v bit set to same depth ?(or did one slip mid cut?)


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