Don't Spoil your Spoil Board!

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Was about to do my first ever cut on the SO3 XXL and came across this article, thought I would share, apologies if this is old hat but I had not seen it before so thought it was worth sharing!.

Common sense wins every time lol - just wish I had thought of it …

Don’t Spoil Your Spoil Board




I’ve been known to use 1/8" MDF “shims” under a workpiece when I know I need better penetration than .001" to ensure a good cut all the way through. I made a bunch of 1" squares and use them under clamp points. This leaves a healthy gap underneath the part. This assumes your material is pretty flat and can support itself though.

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I’m coming from a shop where the Spoil board was replaced on a bi-weekly time line and the was no need for it . We had a Vacuum hold down system and once you learn your machine then you should be able to cut through your material at the proper depth consistently. Someone changing a tool and not zeroing out the Z-height will put a stop to may a thing.
Waste boards on these machines can be very time consuming so I’m sure many people take alot of time and care in maintaining them.

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