Door Sensor Issues

Set up our makerspace Nomad and its everything I ever wanted from a CNC machine.

Only issue is the door keeps vibrating open and tripping the safety when running. I’ve tried moving the sensor as far forward as possible and reseating the hinge (not a fan of the hinge but I see why they’ve gone down that route). Now its better but still happens after around 10 mins. Especially with the dust fan on the spindle because the dust builds up between the sensor and the door.

Anyone else solved this issue or even designed a clip to hold the door closed?

The things people have mentioned here over the years are:

  • using a binder clip on the enclosure wall/against the door to keep it in place
    (no photo sorry)
  • adding a piece of tape/thin foam such that extra thickness keeps the door in place:
  • or (but I never mentioned this, shh) use a magnet against the sensor, which will effectively circumvent the door safety protection, so use at your own risk. It’s also useful to mill stock that does not entirely fit in the enclosure:
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Thanks for the suggestions. We’ll try the binder clip first!

Its for a makerspace with very limited CAM experience so definitely not going to encourage the last option!

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The simplest and quickest fix is in Julien’s post.

When my Nomad3 arrived the door wouldn’t stay closed even when not running.
C3D kindly and quickly sent a new door but it looked exactly like to original.
But to see if it would make a difference I removed one side and the back and at that point discovered that the top panel (aluminum laminated polyethylene) was bent down across the front, particularly where the hinge is. Simply straightening that panel (it’s soft and easily bent) solved my door problem.

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I had similar issues with mine from the beginning. I also had the plastic flexible hinge crack and split apart only to find the door on the floor the next day. My long term solution was to add a more robust hinge from McMaster. Slight modifications to the Nomad, which I’m sure Carbide3D might not like, but I do think I’m out do the warranty range.

Sadly, I’ve had to put my Nomad in storage for the time being, but the hinges worked well and solved my problems.

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