Double click on single click

Has anyone experienced a double click when trying to single click?

i.e. In jog mode I click a direction once and the machine moves twice the selected distance.

It is really annoying when trying to set zero on my parts because I’m afraid I’ll run into the side of the stock so I have to use a much smaller movement distance to avoid collisions. I almost never use “fast” movement because the machine moves way too far.

I have adjusted the double click speed in windows control panel and have tried two different mice.

Any help would be much appreciated, thank you.

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It’s not so much a double click as what is intended as a single click registering as a click-hold.

It would be nice if the program’s value for that were adjustable.

ALL the time IF you use a mouse, but never if you use the keyboard (Pg Up/Down, etc.).

PS this has been corrected in Ver 406


Mine too.
Have been thinking about using another controller, but it’s good to note what @RichCournoyer stated.[quote=“RichCournoyer, post:3, topic:5603”]
ALL the time IF you use a mouse, but never if you use the keyboard (Pg Up/Down, etc.).

Thats good to know.
I’ve gotten used to the quirks, but im only doing wood with mine, and a .01" bump won’t kill me, but it is annoying.

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Rich are you saying that 10 key jogging is corrected in the next release? That would be fantastic, that’s the only thing at this point keeping me from updating to CM4.



IDK, because I only have an El-Cheapo 80? key wifi ($13), ((Amazon JETech 2.4G Wireless Keyboard)), so I can’t comment on the 10 Key (I think you are talking about the Numeric Keypad??)

I can tell you that Up/Down, Left/Right Arrows work great for the X and Y and the Less than and Greater than (< >) keys operate the Z.

In 406, 407 and 408 (beta beta)

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Yep I have a numeric that I use for setting zeros, but I also couldn’t make it work with my standard keyboard in any of the official current releases. I went back to CM3 and everything works fine, except I lost the new functions of CM4 obviously. Whenever the next official release comes out I will give it another shot, especially if it is released along with probing.




Thanks for all the clarification everyone!
I will have to try the key method and see how that works.

I’m still seeing this double jog on v537. I’m using a touch-screen tablet with no built-in keyboard to revert to. If I tap the jog buttons on CM it double jogs. But if I bring up the Windows virtual keyboard and tap the virtual arrow keys it single jogs. So I don’t think it’s a touchscreen driver issue.

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I can confirm that this happens on v542 (MacOS). It’s actually worse for me: I sometimes get stuck buttons, where a single click will start moving the machine until I click again. Ended up with some crashes.

I’ve had this happen too. More so with the touchpad on a pc laptop than on a MacBook.

Where can I find a list of the keyboard equivalents to use to avoid the onscreen buttons?

Please see:

Excellent! Thank you Will.

@WillAdams , can we get this raised on the bug queue please? We have multiple reports of this.

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