Drag Bit and font

How does one get a 120 degree drag bit to fill in the font like it was solid? I have search fonts that are solid but have failed to find one.

Here is so-so example of what I’m looking for:

Instead of this (I know it is not the same font, I stole the pic above as an example :wink: )
and this is the font I’m using for now


The drag bit outlines the letters and I don’t want this. Does anyone have an example of a font that would work for this?

Is this as clear as mud now??
Thanks in advance for any help on this.

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Hi Kenneth,

It won’t matter much what font you are using, the problem is what kind of toolpath is generated, as you said a contour toolpath won’t work.

You could just select the letters and use a pocketing toolpath with very small stepover, that would fill the letters, as discussed in this thread for example:

However, since CC’s pocketing toolpaths generates spiral movements, the result with a diamond drag big may or may not look nice. This is certainly the simplest approach, so worth a try anyway.

An alternative approach is to use CC’s “texture” toolpaths and play with the parameters to get the desired finish, this is briefly discussed in that other thread:


@Julien Thanks for the info and sorry for not getting back sooner.

I will go and check out the links you provided and see what I can come up with.
Again thanks for your time on this!

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