Drag chain for latest Shapeoko 3

Does anyone have a working drag chain design for the latest Shapeoko 3?

Many thanks

If you have a 3D printer, here’s my solution.. But there are plenty of other options as well. Just like dust boots - everyone has their own solution, and they are all viable options.

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Just checking but that looks like its for a XXL?


Only differences from an XXL to SO3 are:

  • shorter extrusions (so fewer links)
  • shorter endplates (which I don’t think would come into play)

so things should “just work”.

Oh. I read that title a bit too fast. You meant the Shapeoko 3 Pro, didn’t you. Yeah, I have nothing for that, sorry for getting your hopes up. I read it as “Drag chain for the largest Shapeoko 3”

Nope you were right first time - have a simple SO3 - was only trying to point out it a very recent model - they have changed a little bit over time. Certainly not a pro!

My Ender 5 is in storage at the moment so getting someone on ETSY to print them and the plastic tracks ordered from Hong Kong! Just need the metal hardware next!


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What @WillAdams said - other than the first run HDZ I have, all the rest of the brackets should be compatible. I do however have the models for the first drag chain I had on my original (preorder circa 2015-ish) SO3 if you are interested. Here. They were designed for this drag chain, or one very similar to it.


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