Drag engraving a tile

Having fun learning how to use my diamond drag bit.

Used VCarve and a cheapo 4"x4" bathroom tile. Once I find an interesting set of images I’ll probably make a set of coasters. 15min start to finish, no headaches, perfect for a sunday lazy CNC session.


Interesting. You didn’t use the hatch/crosshatch feature, but did - what looks like - the concentric cutting path of an end mill. Cool look.

I figured I would give this option in VCarve a try, and that it would better match the curvy nature of the dragon than a straight/cross-hatch filling.

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What kind of tile is that? I had read online that porcelain was not good for drag bit engraving, and that granite was the way to go. But I can’t find 4"x4" granite.

Granite would definitely be much better, but try as I might I could not find any source locally where I live in the right form factor (i.e. small dimensions, and not too thick), so I just grabbed a box of these (I am not even sure whether that is porcelain, will check) to see how it went.
For beautiful granite examples check out @MadHatter’s work (e.g. in this thread)

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That’s cool, did this on Anodized Aluminum with the 90.