Engrave porcelain tile with MC Etcher?

Hey there, I have the 120 MC Etcher and am wondering if it’s safe to use on porcelain tile, if the 90 is better, or if tile isn’t recommended? Also, I’m curious if the same rules apply to ceramic tile.

Saw @Julien’s post before the MC Etcher was out, maybe you have some thoughts?

Thanks all!

Hi @katp,

The MC Etcher will engrave just about anything, if @KevBarn14 says so:

Ceramic and porcelain tiles will work just fine, as long as their surface is reasonably smooth.

90 vs. 120 degrees is pretty much only a matter of how visible/wide you want the engraving lines to be, @wmoy explains it at 0:41 here:

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Fantastic! Thank you so much @Julien. I had seen Winston’s video but somehow hadn’t seen Kevin’s—thank you so much!

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