Drag Knife -- Sharing my build --

Hey all
In the spirit of sharing :slight_smile:
I designed, CADed and built a drag knife for my Pro that uses an overseas Roland Cricut blade holder.
It seems to work really well or at least for me and what little I know :slight_smile:
I spent some time coming up with this design that has some key features:
-The Knife holder is designed to minimize play yet float on the surface, the adjustable springs provide the cutting pressure to embed the knife.
-It uses two springs, one on either side so as not to cover up access to the knife holder.
-The knife can be ejected easily without any disassembly.
-The knife holder can be removed adjusted and returned without upsetting the load springโ€™s adjustment.
-The knife holder and guides have lots of support to reduce any play.
-Springs are self aligning and do not drag.
-The holding bar is designed to be snug but not jam.
-The load springs use jam nuts to prevent unwanted movement.

I was thinking of producing these :slight_smile:

What you guys think ?
Here is a a pic

IMG_2253 b


Iโ€™d be interested! DM me and let me know how much youโ€™re thinking for a beta model :wink:

I sent you a DM
More then happy to

A couple of more pics


So the next step was or is to add a line art option. It was designed with this in mind :slight_smile:
I just prototyping the capability to add artist pens and colored felts with two different adapters.
It uses Artist felts and pens or even Crayola and Pang :slight_smile: Regular Sharpies will require an other adapter as they are so fat :slight_smile:
I made 2 adapters, One adapter is made to add to every pen and they will just drop in ( pre zeroed ).
The other adapter is designed to drop just the pen in when needed, you then must zero it , and then lock it in place. ( with the makeshift thumb screw for now :slight_smile: )
So one adapter is meant to stay calibrated on that pen and the other can take different pens but they need to be zeroed each time.
I have a jig to help zero the pens

Here are the pics of the prototypes



still working on it. I want to get all the pieces together :slight_smile:
And also have to some other projects :slight_smile:

I wanted to make a jiffy marker adapter as it one of the most common pens however. they are not consistent in their diameter and they are just at the wrong diameter. fine tips are OK it the regular one.
So I am making a shaver for the pen. well I am going to see if I can

I have to get ready for the outdoor show so that is taking up some of my time :slight_smile:
Just wanted to let you know I am working on a package for you

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