Sharing my Laser Zero Build

So last time I shared my Drag Knife build

Thanks to some awesome help here, I made a version 2, which should fits the HD better and Spindles. I also just added a Line Art adapter that I am sending out for feed back :slight_smile: Had fun with it. It has been a good project

I had a design on the back burner and had the parts sitting in a draw, Seeing as I was CADing the Drag Knife it was a good time to CAD up a laser guidance system for my CNC machine :slight_smile: A laser to help quickly set X and Y

The CAD and printing was easy, I am very happy with it. The problem is “over seas” lasers. They work fine but the fit and finish sucks, the lens moves all over the place as it fits so sloppy :frowning: Grrrrrrrrr
The laser would not stay still :frowning: Great

So I had to come up with a way to keep the lens still while still being able to turn the focus
And although the laser housing is level, the laser beam coming out is not. So hmmm more work then I thought.

This unit has 2 lasers, a Dot and cross hairs incase you dont have a corner

I don’t expect the laser to be as good as a manual zeroing, I want it for quick setups where the zero just needs to be within a mm So IE lets say we are doing round coasters or an odd shape catch-all. I would just use the cross hair to make sure I can get a tight spacing from one cutout to the next :slight_smile:

Any how, Thats the fun I have been having, just thought I would share in the fun

Comments are appreciated :slight_smile:


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