Drag-select multiple objects - no longer working in 474

Just updated to CC 474 from an old version.

I import SVGs with hundreds of little objects (engraved letters) that need to be selected and assigned to one of two different toolpaths. Previously, I could hold down Ctrl and quickly drag-select boxes around the multiple areas of text to be assigned to a toolpath. With the new version, I know the key command has now been changed to Shift, but this no longer works for drag-select like it did with the Ctrl key before; now it only lets me click-select. Holding Shift while trying to drag a selection box around additional objects does nothing.

Was this an oversight on the software update? It’s not practical for me to Shift-click every individual letter. Until this is fixed, the best solution I’ve come up with is to use the grouping feature to drag-select different sections of the file and eventually piece it all together into one group, but it’s a significant new hassle that wasn’t necessary in previous versions.

Thanks in advance for your help!

The behavior here has changed as of 473:


  • (NEW) Rubber band selection change - select down and only items contained in the rectangle will be selected (if grouped, any single item will select entire group). Select up and anything intersecting the rectangle will be selected.

Thanks for your reply, but the Shift key prevents any selection rectangle from being drawn at all - neither down nor up.

You don’t need a key modifier for the drag-select.

I do need a modifier for selecting multiple regions (drawing multiple rectangles and adding each one to the existing selection). Otherwise all previous objects are de-selected.

I’ll put that in as a feature request.

I think what’s being said is that the feature was removed during this new (and improved) selection solution - and that this may have been an unintended result. I don’t think the “add to current selection via drag” feature was retired deliberately - as that’s a pretty standard practice among UX designs that used to be supported in the previous release. So…it’s more of a defect fix than a new feature request.


Yes, exactly @GJM - we lost a feature in the version update.

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