Drilling and Countersinking Endmills

I just received an email from Harvey Tool advertising a line of endmills designed to drill, chamfer, and countersink (with a good variety of angles.) Recommended cutting speed in aluminum is 1000 SFM (spindle speeds of 15 - 30 kRPM at 1/4" and 1/8" respectively) so they should work well with most spindles (in wood and plastic too).


I used their drill mills for this project. They work very well and one endmill has drilled 1000’s of holes for me with no signs of stopping.

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Which endmill in what material and at what speed and feed? OOPs! the answers are on your linked posts. Was the pecking necessary?

not sure if pecking was necessary but it was a good factor of safety with such a small endmill.


Great find - been getting frustrated with the speed of milling out holes with a small endmill. Just picked up some from drillman1 on ebay, at about half the price. If it ends up working well, I’ll pick up (what I assume to be) higher quality ones from Harvey.

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