Drilling in Carbide Create v 530

The new carbide motion software has a “drill” option in the tool path choice. What is its function? To use the shapeoko as a drill? Or a pattern drill? Tom

A drill toolpath will plunge the selected endmill at the center of each piece of geometry which is associated w/ the toolpath to the depth which is set, possibly pecking and lifting out to clear chips if that option is set.

Several people had discussed the drill mode. The people that replied that made sense are using drill mill bits which are end mills designed for drilling. Drill bits are not designed to be spun at the high rpm most of the routers we use are capable of. Take a look around the forum for people’s recommendations on the specific bits they have used but drill bits are not recommended for the drill mode.


So… If i understand - I have a square box created in carbide create, and desire to use the drill function as a tool path; the output using the drill function will place a drill hole in the middle of each side of the box. Thus I would create 4 holes in the box on all 4 sides in the middle of each side? I still do not understand what utility this offers? If the drill points are moveable, I can see using this to be used to drill holes, say in each corner of the box, or possibly drilling holes in a circular flange which typically is something a machinist would do. I might be over thinking this, but am struggling to see the utility and where it could be beneficial . Tom

No, the drill function would place one hole at the center of the square which you had selected — a single polygon counts as one piece of geometry.

I used the drill function to prick holes for:

I make Cribbage boards and am looking forward to using this function.

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This sounds useful for the few things I do where I dowel parts together. No longer will I need to use a smaller bit. Although I’d started using a v-bit to mark the location and then drilled the holes with the drill press.

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