Dust Boot Upgrade

I recently purchased my XXL and was looking for input on a dust boot. The stock one is good, but I was wondering if anyone is running an upgraded one. I initially wanted to get the suckit dust boot, but just found out that they only work with infinitycnc now, plus I have the zplus so it wouldn’t work anyway. All suggestions are welcome. Thank you for your help.


Hi Steve,

If you have access to a 3D printer, there are many models you can get for free and print yourself. For inspiration, you can check out this thread: Hall of Dust shoes

If you don’t, the Z-independent model from PwnCNC seems to be quite popular. They apparently now sell a kit that is compatible with the Z-plus.


No access to a 3d printer, will check out the other one. Really appreciate the information.

PwnCNC have a couple of good options - the designs are free on thingiverse.com, or you can buy a Complete boot ready to use

I ordered the hardware pack and printed my own. I have an XXL and HDZ and the boot is amazing for 90% of jobs, its only when the material is thicker than 2" that the boot can’t fit between the gantry and the material. Otherwise I give it 10/10

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Is that because of the hose being routed out the back? It looks like he has a V4 where the hose comes out the front and might give more clearance.

Dust boot V4

Not sure if you are aware, but PwnCNC has come out with a bunch of different models now. I am currently printing the V5a for better dust collection on thicker stock :wink:


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