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I wasn’t sure where to post this, it is a feature request/suggestion. I am using a simple Shopvac with my Shapeoko 4 xxl machine (being new and not ready to invest in real Dusk Collection system). It does a pretty good job but I have noticed one issue with the current Dust Boot, when trying to work on material that requires deeper cuts in the material I have to either (1) raise the Dust Boot high enough to clear the deepest cut, (2) set the Dust Boot to the initial bit tip height and allow the bristles be squashed, or (3) pause the operation and adjust the Dust Boot height periodically (really bad for long operations, need to fire and forget, which is another topic auto shutoff and/or phone text when attention is need :slight_smile: ).

I am wondering if anyone has thought of a way to create a floating Dust Boot that can move up and down independent of the router? I envision some way to set a min and max and then as the router moved up and down the boot would slide up and down. This would allow the bristles to stay in contact with the material better.

If anyone has a solution I would love to hear. Also recommend giving some thought to it in the next Dust Boot design. :slight_smile:

Thank you,
The DougMan

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Hello Dougman! There are a number of mount solutions that attach to the Z carriage, rather than the router. They stay at the same height, regardless of how the router moves. SuckIt used to have one, but I don’t think they upgraded with the HDZ mounts.

Carbide has this one for the Pro…but not for any other models… Maybe if we all asked really nicely…

There are folks out here who will print one for you - perhaps for a cost.

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PWN CNC sell some Z independent dust boots for the shapeoko. Products – Tagged "dust boot"– PwnCNC

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I like Z-independent dust shoes and have built my fair share of prototypes (like this 3D-printed one )

This guy has a cool video where he made a custom “floating” dust shoe, interesting concept where the shoe is still attached to the router (so not Z independent) but compresses and expands so as to always be in contact with the stock

spoiler alert: I build one and while it works fantastic for relatively thin pieces of stock, as soon as you cut something thick or irregular the shoe will get stuck in the piece…so my prototype is now collecting dust, not CNC dust but the shelve kind.

And then there is that other guy who built a dust shoe that uses its own axis to move up and down during the cut based on the Gcode…not doable on a Shapeoko but still a fantastic project that I thought I would mention, for science.


Thank you everyone, the responses have been great. The Engineering Exercise video was assume.
Since I am just beginning my CNC experience I am going to think a little more on this topic and see if I can come up with a simple floating solution, possibly using springs that can absorb some of the compression allowing the dust boot stay in contact with the material as the spindle move up and down.

Again thank you everyone, I love the helpful and friendly responses to newbie questions. :slight_smile:
The DougMan

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