Dust Boot for the HDZ 4.0

Like many of you with the HDZ I searched the community and market place for an HDZ compatible dust-boot that was independent of the Z axis (aka the dust boot is stationary as the spindle moves Z- or Z+).

If you’ve gone down this hole you have probably learned there is no real good option as many of the solutions (like Ears) decrease your X travel because how they choose suspend the dust boot. That’s when I stumbled across @Julien 's original thread where he iterated quite a bit to solve the restricted X travel problem while making a Z independent boot. [WIP] Frame around HDZ & Spindle

So I contact Julien to see if he was interested in iterating yet again. This is what we came up with. And by we I really mean that if Julien was the Steve Woz of the group then I was one of Bill Gate’s hookers, but none the less, I wanted the boot to swivel.


The Final Result:

In action:


Fantastic work, @Julien and @MarkDGaal !

What material did you print it out of? Any plans to share this iteration? Julien was kind enough to share his previous version, but I haven’t made time to play with it; I have to adapt it to my SO3 XL with @DanStory ’s rail conversion adapter plate.

Just PLA (but my all time favorite: Galaxy Black Prusament)

Sure, here’s the link to the Fusion360 file

(provided as is, the timeline is messy from the many iterations/last minute adjustments, and it’s missing a couple of McMasterCarr references here and there)


Oh interesting… I’ve only printed with PLA so far.

Once I get caught up with some non-SO3 projects, I’m going to fiddle around with getting a dust boot fabricated.

Thanks, again!

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Pretty design!

I am unable to see any videos there. Is it just me?

It’s a Chrome+Dropbox embedding issue with iPhones exporting things as .mov now (As I understand it).

Download in the lower right corner, view on iPhone, or use a different browser (safari works).

Oddly, the videos work from my iPhone 8 but doesn’t show when viewing from my PC (Firefox browser).

Yep, open the link in Edge or Chrome and it works (then you get to delete all the cookies)

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