Dust Collector recomendation

Just purchased a new 5 Pro. I need something to collect the dust/chips without breaking the bank.

Is a shop vac a good solution or some kind of official dust collector the better option? I know nothing about dust collection.


The DeWalt Stealthsonic was mentioned in a recent C3D newsletter and has found favor here:

just get a HEPA filter if the model you select doesn’t have that feature.

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I have the Dewalt @WillAdams mentioned along with

Love how it works. The milling is actually louder than the dust collection. Additionally it has virtually kept the table clean with the Sweepy 2.0.

I did have to finagle the connectors and went with powertec hose but all is working well as of now.

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I moved to the Dewalt and love it. Jet had a fire sale on a 20g dust chip separator last month for 75 at woodcraft. Might check to see if that’s still going on. For <300 it’s a rather good setup.

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I run a Rigid Shop Vac with a HEPA filter and bag along with the Dustopper that attaches to a 5 gallon bucket. Been a great setup for me. Shop vac is a bit loud even with the “Muffler” I purchased with it, so that new Dewalt Stealthsonic vac might be the way to go. Would have went with that option if it was available at the time.