Dust shoe for SO3 with Kress spindle?

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Is there already a dust shoe design that works with the Kress 1050 spindle - since it has a much smaller diameter than the more common DeWalt and similar size spindles?
I saw a design for the SO2 once on Youtube but that design was too specific for the SO2.

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Interesting. We don’t have that on the wiki (nor any designs for the Kress) — what was it about the design which made it specific to the SO2 and unsuitable for the SO3?

Depending on how soon you need it, there is a version of the Suckit Dust Boot coming out for the SO3 in 5-7 weeks. I got in on the Kickstarter, so I have mine already installed. I can tell you that it attaches to the SO3 regardless of the spindle or spindle mount that you use (you may be limited to the mount being bigger, but not smaller).

This is the video about the SO2/Kress dust shoe:


It attaches to the Z axis base plate which as far as I know is quite different from the SO3 one(s).

The Suckit Dust Boot looks interesting but looks like it does limit down usable x axis travel by a few centimeters. Is that the case?
The other thing is the price :frowning: … by the time I add shipping and import taxes, I pay quite a bit more for the dust shoe than what I payed for the spindle!

The mounts for the Suckit Dust Boot stick out about 1/2" (1.27 cm) on each side to limit the X-Axis.

As far as the cost, sorry, I didn’t look too closely at that. Since I got in on the Kickstarter, it was ~25% cheaper for me.

It is interesting that the video you just posted above looks to use the same theory as the Suckit (attach to the frame and not the spindle itself).

I ended up going with a dust shoe made by Kent CNC as I wanted to spend most of my time on my projects as opposed to the dust boot. I thought it was a bit pricey but it has worked flawlessly for me.

He would likely do a custom one for the Kress if you were interested. Mine was the Mini split-shoe with 3" bristles. 2" bristles might be smarter. I figured I would cut mine down if necessary.

good luck!