Editing toolpath bug


A couple things I’m noticing in Carbide Create:

  1. when I double click on a toolpath to edit it there is no cancel or back button that I can find to go back to the previous menu. This posses a problem because of another bug I’m encountering while editing tools paths (see below)

  2. Yesterday when I was editing my toolpaths for the final cut for some reason I noticed it was doubling the time without making any changes to the toolpath. For whatever reason it was adding more paths to the cut without me doing so and since there is no cancel button or back button I had to close the program down completely and keep restarting from the last save point. It was getting to be a pretty big problem while working yesterday.

Has anyone encountered an issue like this when editing toolpaths? It seems to be a no-brainer to add a cancel button when going into editing a toolpath in case you may have selected the wrong one or don’t want to save any changes you may have made by mistake. Am I missing the cancel button somewhere or is there no other way to go back to the previous menu without having to hit the ok button and possibly adding undesired changes just to go back?



Cntl Z (windows) backs you out of design changes. I have not tried it in tool path changes. You could save your project and tool paths before editing and simply quit and not save the changes and you would be back where you last saved.

You must remember to save before making any changes.

Which version of Carbide Create are you using?

On which platform? Is your OS fully patched and up-to-date?

Could you send us specific step-by-step instructions which are replicable?

Or, if this is specific to a particular file, please send in that file (post it here, or send it in to support@carbide3d.com) along with instructions for causing the problem and we’ll do our best to look into this.

The new v5:

now has OK, and Cancel buttons for editing toolpaths:

Please see if you still have the problem in it. It’s now available as an open beta:

I am using windows 10 that is up - to - date.

The about software says:

carbide create build 474, built on 2020-07-20
OpenGL: 4.6.0 - Build (OpenGL 4.6)
No new versions available

It has no cancel button on literally every project I do. The problem with the program doubling my toolpaths seems to have gone away…

If I read your post correctly I have to switch to a beta version in order to get the cancel button?

Correct, CC474 (and earlier versions) doesn’t have a Cancel button, but that was added in the 5xx series, of which 512 is currently in open beta.

Thanks, i guess i’ll download the beta

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