‘Elgato Stream Deck‘ Hot keys sychronized with the Carbide Motion command keys

Is there a way to configure Elgato Stream Deck with the command keys in Carbide Motion? I came to know the Streamdeck introduced in “Shapeoko Upgrade,” posted on Youtube. Do I need to write a macro file to map the keys on Streamdeck with those of Carbide Motion?

Yes, but see:

Thank you Willadams. As you advised, I read the artice by Mr. David Sempek. But I am not able to write 2500 lines of C# directly interfacing with the stream deck and carbide motion api. I understand Mr. Sempek’s concern about the risk when he shared his writing. I am wondering sombody in Carbide3d organization write and offer anything that can interface the Streamdeck and Carbide Motion api. I guess many, including me, will pay for the cost.

also carbide motion is REALLY good about having a hotkey for everything it does, Will can show you the PDF with the mapping. As long as you can have the stream deck map to keys you can get darn close


Carbide Motion (and Create) hotkeys map is available here


I whole heartly second.