EMI issues with router, USB soldering on PCB

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is there anyone who has done some changes on the PCB for example soldering a USB-a slot instead of the USB-b?!
Also i want to do some cooling is there a pin on the V2.4e PCB which can be used for a pc-fan?


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I’m not aware of any mod like this (but why do you think it would address EMI issues with router? by the way if you do have EMI issues, make sure to contact support@carbide3d.com to figure it out)

The 2.4e has pins/plated holes that have 5V or 24V on them (map here), but you shouldn’t use the 5V for powering anything that draws significant current. And PC fans are typically 12V not 24V. May I ask what part you are trying to cool with fan ? Fans are typically not a great idea in a dusty environment. At some point I had attached small heatsinks (like those they sell for Raspberry Pis) onto my stepper motor drivers on the controller, but this is actually overkill.

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This is what I used to eliminate stray EM issues. Solved my issues

Grounding your Shapeoko - CNC Machines / Shapeoko - Carbide 3D Community Site

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