Enabling Create Pro Trial results in Endless Dialog - Unusable

Downloaded latest Create for Mac. Worked great until I tried to enable the Pro Trial. Now it repeatedly displays the dialog “Pro Trial will not save gcode blah blah …” and becomes unusable. Tried to delete and download/install a new version. Same thing happens. Still unusable.

It has probably saved some info regarding the trial somewhere that does not get replaced when you replace the app. Anybody know how I can fix this?

Mac OS X or Windows?

You can get out of this license mode by going to:


C:\Users\<YOUR USER DIRECTORY>\AppData\Local\Carbide 3D

Mac OS X:

Library/Preferences/Carbide 3D

and removing the Carbide Create folder in that directory.


Worked!! Seems like a bug in the Pro Trial option would defeat the purpose:)

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