Engraving success using Easel gcode file

I discovered Easel recently - it’s an online CNC app that was built to drive the Shapeoko machine, by the folks at inventables (I believe)

It is super easy to use so I was hoping the gcode that it generated would play well with Carbon Motion. Turns out it works. Success!

I wanted to engrave lettering into my hardwood blocks, so in the app I set my material size, cutter .063", added the letter, set the depth to .08" (anything less than this resulted in a wonky file that didn’t look right), set spindal to automatic 5000rpm, left the depth per pass at default (I think it was .028"), 40ipm feed rate. Then clicked Advanced in the material tab, set safety height to .3", and left step over at the default (40%) then clicked generate gcode and export. It saves as an nc file.

Loaded the file in carbon motion, the nomad checked the tool length, and the spindal started turning. 3 minutes later, this is what came out



Very nice! I know what I will be doing once I get back to my Nomad :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing! I wish they had an option to add your own material and a preset for the Nomad.

The whole interface they use seems more beginner friendly too. I like the instant preview including texturing. Does somebody know a full software out there that looks similar but also can import STLs (maybe even multiple ones?).

Nice addition!!! And good work. Thanks for sharing.

How did you transfer the gcode? When i hit export code on easel i just get the list of numbers…how do i take that to the carbide motion or carbide create?

After you click “Export G-code” you should have a file that is downloaded that has the extension .nc; if your browser is opening the file, save it somewhere with the extension .nc. You should then be able to open this file in Carbide Motion to be able to send to your device.

I have a Shapeoko 3 XXL and recently discovered Easel. So much more user friendly but you can’t save files.

I gather the process is to design using easel and somehow create Gcode, save the Gcode file and import it into Carbide Motion. Can you direct me to an inventibles site/tutorial or explain how to generate Gcode in Easel and save it?? Thanks. Love the wood blocks.

Instead of clicking Carve once you’re complete (setting bits, speeds, design, etc) click Machine near the file menu, then click Advanced in the bottom right. You should see a button labeled ‘Generate G-Code’. Once you click that a new button ‘Export G-Code’ should appear. Click that and it should download a file with the gcode.

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Thank you very much, I will try that.