Ergonomic seat 3D carving

I need to carve out from teak wood an ergonimic seat like this one
Is it possible using Carbide Create to have that 3D path?
How I set it up from a 2D design imported from Illustrator?
Thank you

No help from me on design. However teak is very hard and very abrasive. Make sure you bit is sharp/new and as big as a seat is most like trashed after project.

Wear mask as many are or get alergic to tropical hardwoods. Be sure to blow off sawdust before entering your house. Dust could affect family.

After finishing Teak is usually not dangerous to people. Usually teak is for outdoor use. Look at marine finishes. They have to be renewed every few years. Leaving it natural it will gray and oils make it easier to renew the finish. You still have to sand and clean even with oils. Again look at marine cleaners. A lot of teak is used on boats.

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If you are planning on making more than one seat, maybe take a look at this video I ran across a while back. If you have a table saw, you can do it this way. Maybe just use your Shapeoko to make the jig.

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This video is very helping thank you! Still try to find a way with the shapeoko before do that!

Hello, I work a lot with teak and I live in the tropics! thanks anyway for your advise! Still loking for the best solution to carve a sit!

Draw up something like:

Then model as something like:

Or perhaps instead:

To set it up from Illustrator see:

If you get stuck, post the file and we’ll walk through it w/ you.


Thank you! So I need Carbide create Pro to do that correct?

Yes, for 3D modeling you will need Carbide Create Pro or some other 3D program.

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Using Carbide create Pro is so satisfying!! Came out beautiful!
Thank you for the help!


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