Etching Design Question

I have a design question and the opinions of others.

First, I am about to make my first attempt at etching with a 120 degree diamond bit. I would be interest to hear what medium other have used and would recommend.

Second, I have attached a file that I would like to engrave. However, I am unable to identify the font that is used. I have looked at the File, Properties, Font setting, but clearly none of the fonts indicated at those in the file. If anyone can identify this font that in itself would be very helpful. In addition I am wondering what others might think of this font and what they might recommend.

Poem to Robbie.pdf (161.8 KB)

The font doesn’t show in document properties because the file is a pixel image which has had OCR performed to create the text so that it can be copy/pasted and searched.

Not finding an obvious match — it’s not a readily available design currently.

Usually folks do engravings like this in acrylic:

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Will: Thanks for your input. Do you have stock that’s any thicker? I was looking for something in the 1/2 inch or thicker.

Carbide 3D doesn’t stock anything like that.

1/2" thick anything suited for diamond drag engraving is pretty expensive — the least expensive thing I can think of if Corian if you can get off-cuts from a local countertop company.

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