F360 Advanced V-Carve?

Has anyone played with F360 to match an advanced V-Carve workflow?

Off the top of my head, I’m thinking a 2D adaptive or pocket, setting the appropriate DOC, and then some radial stock to leave.

Next would be perhaps a 2D Contour, without the stock to leave? For the second piece, possibly with a negative axial stock to leave causing it to plunge deeper? (Or, i might have that backwards)

I’ve used Fusion for V-carve inlays. The idea is the same as “Advanced V-carve”.
I’ll see if I can track down the post I did.
Edit: Should be clear as mud after reading this (the included files will help)


I think there are a few ways to do it, one of which Neil pointed out in detail in his linked post.

If you’re willing to actually model the reliefs in Fusion - which is doable either by (over)using chamfers or extruding your geometry with a draft angle - you can use the pencil machining strategy with a v-bit tool to arrive at a v-carve workalike.

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