F360 - SPXXL Machine Conf

I have a couple Projects I feel F360 may be better served being used. Plus I have it on my computer.
I am going to set it up for my SPXXL and there are settings I do not understand exactly what it is and I don’t want to screw it up and possibly damage the CNC.
F360 - Carbide3D Settings.zip (156.1 KB)
Above are screen shots of the settings for what I am not sure of.
The linear settings for X, Y & Z have all the same settings under the “Kinematics” section.
This is a lot to ask and if I am on my own this is fine. I’ll get by as I have in the past.
This would be good information to stick somewhere for future information.
Once I get this setup I will Zip up the Screen shots again and post it completed.

Thank you in advance, to anyone willing to take on this task.

Did you see this thread?

Also, many of us have used Fusion 360 since the beginning without the need for a machine config.

I’d venture to guess all the config aspects are not required. I just want to know what is and what isn’t to get the best results. They are completely blank to start.

As Neil says, many of us have used F360 for years without setting up the machine profile, just choose the carbide3d (grbl) post processor and things are fine.

If you are going to try to set up the machine definitions, I think you need to swap the table and spindle under kinematics, but that may be wrong.

I linked my machine config in that thread.
As far as I could tell, it’s only good for simulation. You’ll need an appropriate Post for simulation.

I use a custom post processor for general use of you’re interested.

Sorry, but I have no idea what I am looking at?

Are you trying to run a machine simulation or do you just want to use Fusion to do the CAD/CAM for your Shapeoko?
If you’re not interested in the machine simulation (I don’t see a value in it right now), don’t bother with the machine config. If you want to mess with it anyway, the link above has my working machine config attached to @LiamN’s SO3XXL model.

I looked at the config files and can’t make heads or tails of how to read them or utilize them. this is why I sent screen shots. a visual aspect I can use.
BTW, My intention was never to run a simulation. I just thought the config in F360 would aid in the creating of G-Code.

As I understand it the machine simulation is a currently developing beta feature, best avoided unless you’re really keen to help find the bugs. Here’s an intro on that

Fusion can make good gcode for the Shapeoko or Nomad just using the carbide3d (grbl) or Neil’s customised post processor. In the Manufacture workspace once you’ve created a setup and some toolpaths when you post them -

Does that help at all?


I’ll be watching the video later.
Thanks for the assistance. It is greatly appreciated.
I’ve been working on calibrating my machine all day.

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I wouldn’t bother right now if you’re goal is to machine a part designed in Fusion. Do you have a design?

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The only setting that matters at all is mill, and I think that’s what you get by default.

It probably wouldn’t hurt to figure out what the maximum work envelope of your machine is, so you don’t design outside of what you are capable of making with the tools you have.

For what?

Again, for those starting with using Fusion for their CNC, I would not recommend even looking at machine configurations. It’s unnecessary and potentially off-putting. You can generate gcode without it.

I have run parts on my 3018 made in fusion. Nothing new just setting it up for my SPXXL.

I have several programs I can make G-Code. I wasn’t sure if having it set with all the setting would make any difference.

Agreed. I thought that’s what I said!

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