Faster manual jogging

Is there a way to get faster jogging during manual control. I don’t mean during a job, just moving the head around. There doesn’t seem to be a setting for this. It goes up to “Fast” from 1mm and it’s still pretty slow.

Not really — it’s as fast as is safe/reliable:

Have you tried the Rapid Position control? You can at least send it to a ‘zone’ quicker and work it from there.


I read through that whole thread and got excited until I got to the end and saw the post indicating that the updates were going to be applied to the next build and that was 2 years ago. I assume the changes have been incorporated now.

I can’t imagine what the speed of the machine used to be. Truthfully I wasn’t sure why everyone at the start of the thread was complaining.

I tried changing the speed settings in the code, however, the machine didn’t like it too much. So now I do a rapid move to get me close.

My goal is actually to use the CNC as a router sled for planing wood. The manual jogging is really the best way for odd shaped pieces and when creating a job and setting zero takes too much time.

Now I just set zero in Z, turn on the router with the surfacing bit and unplug the X motor so I can manually move it by hand all over the work piece. Y motors I leave connected which is slow to jog but it’s a hassle to disconnect them both.

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