Favorite tools when working on a machine

It’s been a while since we had a general tools discussion and

prompted me to post:

yet again, so I thought we might try for the community wisdom/commentary.

One tool which I have recently begun using on my machine is:


w/ a 4mm hex bit in it for tightening/loosening work holding.

Despite current eBay prices, it was a lot more affordable when it was sold under the Craftsman brandname.

Another consideration is the trim routers/spindles — the stamped wrenches included with them are intended just to hold one over until one can source a quality tool. The community has the following notes:

Carbide Compact Router/Makita RT0700/0700 shaft and collet/nut wrench sizes:

ER-11 spindle collet shaft and collet/nut wrench sizes:

and of course, some folks just buy complete sets:

Thin Profile Wrench Sets:

(or see the previous discussion at: Good wrenches for the carbide compact router )

Anyone else find some gems recently?

are you sure on the 12mm wrench for the spindle? I am pretty sure mine (Carbide 3D spindle kit) needs a 13mm

That measurement was from my Nomad 883 Pro serial #596.

As noted, I hedged:

I got the Park Tool wrenches in 13 and 22 based on a prior recommendation and they work nicely.

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:raising_hand_man: I have a question on the Finger Ratchet, does it cause wrist or finger fatigue after prolonged use?
I have used the Chapman sets quite a bit, they seem pretty useful.

On the collet/spindle wrenches I found it funny that you posted the

I have one of the older versions of that wrench. It’s a plate wrench. Mine is 10mm/13mm. and that is what I use along with a 8 inch crescent.

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No more so than the L shaped hex keys — if anything, the ratchet feature seems to reduce that sort of thing.

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