First batch of HDZ for Shapeoko 4 and Pro is available

I guess I can try to use the mount that came with my spindle… eek

I have the 80mm mount and the one that came with my spindle.

If you saw them side by side, you’d not even try - C3D’s mount is a thing of beauty:)


No doubt! I’ve waited for ages for this for my 2.2kw, but now it will just be longer. No point tramming until I get the real deal.

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That is one potential solution. But not one that is necessarily desirable and/or efficient. I think the typical use case of one of these machines supports your argument.

Is it easy to tram the HDZ?

Noticed in the store there’s a difference in the Z-Travel between the HDZ for SO3 (150mm) and the Pro/SO4 (140mm). Are these numbers accurate or is it a typo for the Pro/SO4 version because I thought I read somewhere that the new HDZ also was 150mm z-travel.

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For those who only check the forums, it appears that some 80MM mounts have come back in stock :smiley:

I’ll loop in @Luke for that one.

Really struggling to see if this is worth it. I’m understanding (only by reading the comments) is that it has about 1.5" more Ztravel and that it’s a little more beefier (providing even more robust rigidity). Is this the only benefits? I’m thinking that the post should have come with a bullet point list of benefits over the 4/Pro Z Axis that came with (plain and simple) so that we can weigh the cost of investment over benefits gained. thanks for listening.

The Z-Plus provides most of the advantages of the HDZ, so the HDZ only makes sense for folks who:

  • need to use large/heavier spindles
  • need the additional Z-axis range

Note that the HDZ for the SO4/Pro seems to be the same width as the stock Z-Plus, so for the SO4/Pro there is no additional X-axis range.


The 69 and 65 hole patterns are the same but the 80mm mount has a different mounting configuration.


The travel is 150mm. I think it’s defaulted to 140 in CM to help avoid crashes - although this can be changed.


One other bullet point would be that (as Luke mentioned in the past) the Z plus will put out around 26kg of force, whereas in contrast the HDZ will push out over 70kg at which point the motor skips.

Which is a lot (or Luke’s ‘allot’ :slight_smile: ) of pushing force.


Given that difference, is the 65MM mount that came with the Pro compatible with the HDZ, or will it require the 80MM mount?

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The standard mount that comes with the 4/pro will mount right to the HDZ. The 69 and 65 HD mounts are the same that come with the 4/pro - the only difference is the colour. The 80mm mount won’t fit a Z plus.


Thanks for the information. Makes a lot of sense. I hope they keep it around. It’s not enough for me at the moment that is worth the expense, however, I will definitely purchase it in the future if funds allow.

@robgrz and @Luke What version of Carbide Motion do I need to have installed to install the HDZ on the Pro? I’m running 5.37 which seems to be the latest version from the download site but I have no Shapeoko Pro HDZ option when sending configuration data. Noticed in Winston’s video he’s running 5.40 though, is that beta though?

CM 540 beta from


Actually I should have mentioned I’m running it on the Raspberry Pi and the link I had for that is now a broken link so assuming there’s an update there as well.

We have one more update to make before we publish the Pi image.